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    Please note: These events have all passed, but recordings are still available! Explore the links below to get the most of our programming! 

    Industry Insider Workshop: How to Craft your Bio and Artist Statement

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    Creating a strong artist statement is a critical part of introducing you and your creative practice to a larger audience. In this webinar, you will learn the basics of drafting a concise bio and artist statement that reflects your purpose or motive, the materials and medium in which you work, the subject of your work, and your own personal perspective or approach. Learn how to effectively communicate your bio for different audiences ranging from personal website or blogs to exhibition and proposals or grant applications.

    Industry Insider Workshop: Fundamentals on Presenting a Strong Portfolio for Education, Employment and Grants

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    The portfolio is the start into a multitude of creative opportunities and often the first point of contact to potential clients, institutions, and employers. Learn how to make a good first impression and get information to prepare and present your portfolio for different streams: education, employment, and grants. Get insights on how to select, curate your work, and maximize your impact using various platforms (social media, website, PDF). Understand how feedback can help you refine your portfolio.

    Industry Insider Panel: Tips on Navigating your Creative Career from Emerging Creatives

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    Join OCAD U on Sunday June 27th from 2:00pm-3:00pm EST for a panel discussion between emerging creatives. You’ll hear about the varied pathways available for artists, designers and media-makers in today’s context. The format of the panel includes an introduction of each of our panelists, and a question informed discussion, followed by an opportunity for all to participate in a Q+A.

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