Upper Year Entry at OCAD University

    Find out if you are eligible to apply for Upper Year Entry at OCAD University.

    This is not an application form. Please note that applications to upper year are now closed for September 2024. Please visit the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre to see which first year programs are still open.

    Upper year applications for September 2025 will be available on the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre in October 2024 and will be due early February 2025.

    What is Upper Year Entry?

    Applicants who have academic experience related to the program they are interested in applying to at OCAD U might be eligible to apply for Upper Year Entry. To qualify, we look for one or more years of studio experience in a related discipline from an accredited post-secondary institution.

    Year Level Placement
    Our undergraduate programs are 4 years long. The portfolios of our upper-year applicants are evaluated to enter at Year 2 or Year 3. If successful, these students will receive a block transfer of art/design studio courses primarily based on the strength of their portfolio.

    Upper year students may be required to take lower-level studio courses if skills and experience are lacking in their portfolio and transcript. If an applicant receives an offer of admission to start at Year 2, they could complete their undergraduate degree in 3 years. If an applicant receives an offer to start at Year 3, they could complete their degree in 2 years. Upper-year offers are not guaranteed. Although an applicant could be eligible for consideration into Year 2 or Year 3, they could receive a Year 1 offer or no offer at all.

    Please note that inquiries will not be answered unless a post-secondary academic record is uploaded below or emailed to Leiko Shimizu at Lshimizu@ocadu.ca. We need to see the titles of classes, credit weight, and grades. If you are currently taking classes, we also need to see what you are taking from now until April 2025. We don't require official transcripts at this time. PDF documents are preferred but you may send Word documents or submit screenshots if necessary.